Optimizing Effectiveness 

Michael-Delia Inc. (MDI) provides products and services that help IT management increase organizational performance, effectiveness, and economy.

Internet based products and services include:

  • Performa-Analytics™ - A computer based assessment that provides a one-time snapshot about the activities, use and expenditure of people time and skills and the review and approval being applied to all important work efforts. 
  • Performa-Analytics Benchmark™ - An internet based system that compares management's expectations for the deployment and use of IT people related resources to the actual activities and time expenditures of all staff
  • Organization Culture - Identifying the "hidden drivers" shaping organizational culture and behavior and establishing programs that capitalize on strengths, encouraging modification of behavior and increasing effectiveness. 
  • Teamwork - Assessing team members' strengths and difficulties and identifying opportunities for growth and greater effectiveness. 
  • Leadership - Enhancing team leaders' and managers' effectiveness by assessing strengths and identifying blind spots and providing targeted coaching. 

MDI products and services have helped clients by:

  • Confirming organizational performance strengths.
  • Uncovering opportunities to improve the use and management oversight of all people related resources and important work activities.
  • Providing insights that have helped management to redeploy for greater effectiveness and economy 4% to 10% or more of staff resources.

"What gets measured, gets managed."  Peter Drucker

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