Organizational Culture

"The thing I have learned at IBM is that culture is everything.” Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Former CEO, IBM

Organization Culture

Culture drives performance.  It is the pivotal and invisible cause behind effective performance or the realization of something less. 

Culture is the shared and learned systems of values, beliefs and attitudes that shape and influence the perception and behavior of people.  Understanding Culture provides insight into organizational behavior and its positive or negative impacts.

Culture is always changing.   As people change, so does organizational culture.  New hires, promotions, organizational and environmental changes and new or modified work procedures all impact culture.

To maintain effectiveness, organizations need to periodically monitor organization culture to ensure that desired cultural characteristics are being maintained.

Michael-Delia Inc.'s internet based assessment tools are well suited to help clients periodically monitor organizational culture and ensure its continued positive impact on performance and effectiveness.

What We Provide

We provide a unique set of internet based assessment tools that accurately measure an organization's culture by identifying:

  • Strengths that can be capitalized and propagated, and
  • Possible blind spots that are adversely impacting performance and effectiveness.

Key areas we examine in our Cultural Assessments include:

  • The values operating within the organization that are driving beliefs and shaping behavior.
  • The vehicles actively transmitting knowledge and influencing behavior and organizational identity.
  • The dominant work styles reinforcing and shaping behavior.
  • The directional impact culture is having on the organization -- whether the organization is moving towards growth or decline.
Our Activities Include:

  • Pinpointing the root causes behind organizational strengths and blind spots.
  • Creating programs and guiding cultural change, the behavior of the organization, and its level of performance.
  • Working with leaders to leverage organizational strengths and counteract causes of poor performance.
  • Establishing ongoing measurements for maintaining a high performing organization.

If appropriate, we assist in creating road maps that can help affect and measure positive change.  We guide you in your culture change program, helping you avoid stumbling blocks and working with your staff to unleash their potential.

"Strategy matters, no doubt.  But without a winning culture to drive it forward your strategy takes you nowhere."  Harvard business Review
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