About Us
Delivering cost effective performance improvement programs;
Helping IT client organizations with the optimization of their performance posture.

Michael-Delia Inc. was founded in 1985 and is staffed by Business, Information Technology and Behavioral Science Professionals.

Our Vision:

  • To help clients unlock the full potential of their people.

Our Mission:

  • To deliver cost effective and measurable performance improvements programs.
  • To help IT client organizations build and maintain an optimal performance posture.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism:  Always conducting ourselves in a manner above reproach; treating others with respect.  To provide the best products and services that help clients achieve our stated purpose.
  • Creativity:  Innovation that helps clients tap the power and full potential of people.
  • Leadership:  Setting the standard, taking the lead and guiding others, practicing what we advocate.
  • Knowledge:  Increasing competitive advantage through information, training and experience.
  • Integrity:  To consistently practice honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty in all of our dealings with our clients, partners, suppliers, community and each other.
  • Gratitude:  Practicing appreciation and thankfulness and giving back to the community.

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