Paints a complete picture -- How all people and organizational units are involved in and interacting with all work activities and spend time.

Confirms on-target use of people related resources.
Uncovers unseen issues that are limiting and undermining effective performance.

Dynamic IT Environment

Optimal performance is not a steady a state.  IT operates in a dynamic and highly charged environment that is continuously being impacted by Change.  Staffing, management, technology, priorities and regulatory changes are but a few of the factors impacting the efficiency associated with the use of people related resources.

A Performa-Analytics™ Assessment helps by providing management and staff with the visibility and insights that can confirm on-target performance and where opportunities exist to improve effectiveness and economy.

Performa-Analytics™ Overview

 Performa-Analytics™ is an internet based system that provides a one-time snapshot about the: 

  • Actual activities of staff. 
  • Time and skills resources being applied and expended. 
  • Position titles involved in activities and their level of involvement – (P) Perform, (R&C) Review & Comment, (R&A) Review & Approve.
  • The level of management oversight (R&A) important and critical activities are receiving. 

 Insights Provided -- Confirms What Can Be Seen and Reveals What Is Hidden: 

  • Verify on target use of resources. 
  • Pinpoint resource allocation anomalies (misuse, excessive, omitted, inappropriate).
  • Uncover excessive emphasis on non-core or indirect activities.
  • Identify critical activities receiving little to no attention. 
  • Surface insufficient interaction and involvement between positions/organizations on critical work activities. 
  • Spot instances of minimal management oversight at the activity level. 
  • Identify the appropriateness of position titles involved in management oversight. 
Benefits and advantages that can be realized by an IT organization include: 

  • Identifying and confirming organizational performance strengths. 
  • Providing insights into performance areas not usually seen. 
  • Ensuring all important and critical activities are effectively addressed.
  • Providing guidance for optimizing all people related time and skill resources. 
  • Promoting effective interaction between positions and organizational units. 
  • Applying management oversight in an effective manner – the right positions and appropriate activities. 
  • Gaining visibility into the activities employed for key initiatives. 
  • Demonstrating to all staff a commitment to optimal use of people related resources and performance.

"What gets measured, gets managed."   Peter Drucker

Optimizing Resources

 Performa-Analytics™ can potentially identify for redeployment a substantial number of people related resources.  In an organization of 100 staff members with total average annual cost per staff of $175,000, redeployment opportunities can range from 4% to 10% or more. 
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