Performa-Analytics Benchmark™
A tool for comparing managers' plans for use of people resources to actual activities & time expended by staff.

"What gets measured, gets managed."  Peter Drucker

Initial Performa-Analytics™ Benchmark Overview

Performa-Analytics™ Benchmark utilizes all of the components of Performa-Analytics™ but incorporates the additional capability of capturing managers’ plans for the allocation and use of people resources and comparing plans to the actual activities and time expenditure of assigned staff.   The resulting profile and any adjustments made by management become an “internal benchmark” against which a future performance profile can be measured. 


Performa-Analytics™ Benchmark is an internet based system that provides an initial one-time snapshot about the:

  • Organizational unit managers’ plans or expectations for the deployment and use of assigned staff.
  • Actual activities, time and skills resources being applied and expended by assigned staff.
  • Position titles involved in activities and their level of involvement – (P) Perform, (R&C) Review & Comment, (R&A) Review & Approve.
  • The level of management oversight (R&A) that important and critical activities are receiving. 
  • Comparison of managers’ plans or expectations to actual activities and time expenditure of staff. 
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement.

The system provides information that can:

  • Confirm on-target utilization of resources.
  • Help managers reassess the deployment and use of staff.
  • Assist in establishing possible staff redeployment objectives.
  • Assist managers in guiding staff in proper involvement and interaction with work activities.
  • Guide appropriate staff in the management and oversight of important and critical work activities. 

Subsequent Performa-Analytics™ Study

Progress made on staff redeployment objectives created from an initial Performa-Analytics Benchmark™ can be measured through a subsequent Performa-Analytics™ assessment:

  • Utilize the new staff utilization plan created by management as a result of the initial Performa-Analytics™ study as a benchmark. 
  • Assess the actual activities, time and skills expenditures of the current staff.
  • Compare management’s staff utilization benchmark against actual staff activities. 
  • Determine on-target utilization of people resources. 
  • Determine areas requiring further management attention.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Confirmation of organizational performance strengths.
  • Insights into performance areas not usually seen. 
  • Ensuring all important and critical activities are effectively addressed.
  • Guidance for optimizing all people related time and skill resources.
  • Ensuring effective interaction between positions and organizational units.  
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of management oversight are provided by the right positions to all important and critical work activities.

"What gets measured, gets managed."  Peter Drucker

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